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Originally Posted by Uncle Bill View Post
The hibernation is finally what did it for me. I'll really miss the street fests, beach volleyball, eating outdoors at great little BYOB restaurants, etc. in the summer, but the stuff you put up with the rest of the year just isn't worth it.

I already miss some of the benefits of living in such a dense urban area, but my lifestyle there was becoming more and more car-centric, due to changes with my job and friends living in the suburbs. Figured if I was going to be driving a lot, there was no point in the city life, and opted to go back to a place where there's good weather and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. So far, so good...
Any time I've been in Chicago during the summer it's been way too brutally hot for my taste. Maybe it was just bad luck. Or maybe there's just no good time of year to be had in Chitown.
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