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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Solid summary of Chicago. This might be the winter that finally pushes me outódamp, windy cold and endless grey weeks that last into late March. Yesterday was foggy and grey, but it was 50 degrees, so I loved it (strongly considering moving to the Pac NW myself). But Chicago is back to freezing today, of course.

Beautiful city, lots of great and distinct neighborhoods, cultural attractions, etc. I may have a hard time moving away from the "real city" urban density after getting used to it. If you're a city person you just grow attached to that and everything that goes with it. I fall in love with the city all over again every summer. But I also share the OPs desire for a more outdoorsy culture like Denver or Seattle, where there isn't a five month period of hibernation where all you do socially is drink (not that that isn't fun some of the time.)

The hibernation is finally what did it for me. I'll really miss the street fests, beach volleyball, eating outdoors at great little BYOB restaurants, etc. in the summer, but the stuff you put up with the rest of the year just isn't worth it.

I already miss some of the benefits of living in such a dense urban area, but my lifestyle there was becoming more and more car-centric, due to changes with my job and friends living in the suburbs. Figured if I was going to be driving a lot, there was no point in the city life, and opted to go back to a place where there's good weather and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. So far, so good...
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