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Chase Stuart has the Broncos #1 overall:

For those who keep talking about Seattle home vs. away:

■Much is made of Seattle’s home field advantage, and for good reason. But the Seahawks have an average rating of 3.8 in their home games and 3.9 in their road games, so I’m not sure how much the narrative is holding up this year. Seattle is just a great team, and great teams often look completely dominant at home. On the other hand, the narrative about the Saints is true, at least in 20132: New Orleans has a 2.7 rating in home games and a 6.5 rating in road games; that 3.8 point differential is the largest in the NFL. The other teams with the biggest improvements at home? Cincinnati (+3.0), New England (+2.6), Arizona (+2.5), Buffalo (+2.3), and Baltimore (+2.0). The worst teams at home? Jacksonville (-4.3), Philadelphia (-3.7), Kansas City (-3.3), Minnesota (-2.8), and San Francisco (-2.2). As always, take ratings based on sample sizes of 4-7 games with a handful of salt, especially when they involve backup quarterbacks.
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