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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
It was mentioned on another thread that Champ played 30 snaps. That blew me away because after a couple of early plays that didn't look good for him, we never heard from him again. I think a lot of us just assumed he was benched which obviously was not the case.

I have always thought that if a CB has a quiet game, he probably played well, or at least, well enough. What did you see?
Champ of 2013 isn't the Champ of 2005...but he's still a good CB when healthy. He can't cover some, but he can cover most when healthy. And if he had been getting burned a lot, I'm sure the announcers would have harped on it, like they did Cooper being schooled by Decker.

People read too much into the fact Bailey sat out most of the 2nd half....he gave a few short big plays and was on a snap count by the medical/coaching staff.

He's still not in top shape yet, and I believe his foot is still not 100% despite being healed enough to play....being 35 years old doesn't help him heal as fast in such a violent game.

I think he'll be able to contribute more and more as the season progresses, and would love to see him break it off in some of these doom and gloomer's asses.
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