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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
Whether or not he's involved with the game planning as much as we think, Shanahan is the HC. And we all know that the HC takes the responsibility for the teams record. Whether he was against the trade to get RGIII, or was told to play him against his judgement is also a moot point.

The Redskins are paying a high price for a 2nd year RGIII in both Win/loss and draft picks. And that falls on the HC again.

The only way Shanahan stays the head coach is if Snyder takes the fall for the decisions, and maybe if he doesn't want to pay for another coaches salary and paying Shanny for another year. Not many Owners will own up to that.
I agree...but I think it gets to be a weird relationship with a head coach on a 1 year deal and no extention. I think Snyder has to make a move this off-season.
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