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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
As the starter of this thread, I never said that Bailey isn't one of the greatest Bronco defenders of all time. And I never said that he was living off his reputation.

But I did say that his body is breaking down (which it is, and not just this year but for part of last year as well).

And I did say that Champ is a shadow of his former self (which is also true). If you think "Shut-Down Corner", who is the first guy you think of TODAY? That's easy: 25-year-old Richard Sherman, not 35-year-old Champ Bailey.

For years and years, Champ held that title. But not anymore. And, I'm sad to say, he'll never hold that coveted title again, either.

If Champ hangs around for another year, he needs to convert to a safety, and use his innate football skills to make up for his age. But even if he does, there's no guarantee that he won't miss half the season with a bum ankle. And he'll still be no 24-year-old Earl Thomas, either.

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