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Louis Wright
Default copying a post I did at MHR...

OK, just feel like I must weigh in on this...

I hear that Champ is obviously done or Champ won't take a demotion to safety or this or that. What do we know about Champ right now??
  • Champ graded out as one of the top corners last year based on several statistical sites
  • Champ has not been able to stay healthy over the last 3 years
  • Champ has not played well this year trying to come back from injury.

Besides that we know nothing. We have no idea whatsoever whether he can be an elite or even productive CB again. We have no idea if he will be injured 70% of the time or if that is just bad luck (think KM). We have no reason to believe that he has been asked to play safety and has refused.

WE DON"T KNOW IF CHAMP CAN PLAY GREAT ANYMORE! HE HAS BEEN INJURED!!! Champ doesn't know. The coaches don't know. We don't know.

Champ might be done, and if he is imho it is because he just cannot stay healthy. But Champ might be Champ again in 2 weeks and help lead us to a glorious SB win. Champ might be a very good CB for another year and a half. Champ and the coaches might decide that a move to safety will help the team and extend his career.

But to decide to give up on the talent and the moxie of a player like Champ based on how he plays when injured or having not played or trained for basically a year seems absurd. I am quite willing to wait and find out because the upside is huge.
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