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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post one hires someone with the chief goal being hopefully the vacancy created forces our rival to go there....ohh and if Sark ends up being good, that's a cherry on top for us.
Never said it was the chief goal of Haden's, but it certainly was a factor.

BTW I didn't say he was a great hire. He is inferior to alot of coaches,
Given that, why did South Central hire him? He's inferior to a lot of coaches and isn't even a great coach within the conference. Why hire this guy? He's a Kiffin clone to boot.

but I'm just saying that this idea that the grand plan for USC was to push Mora out and they are willing to accept that Sark might suck just so long as they get Mora out. That's absurd.
South Central was supposedly ready to plunk down 6.5 million or more for a HC. Think about it, they were ready to make a splashy hire but hire a mediocre coach. Two conclusions I have arrived at with regards to the Snark hire. One, Haden hired Snark to ride out the sanctions and get boosters to plunk down some major cash for a big time coach so they can win Championships. Second, South Central is getting beat in the recruiting and on the field to UCLA, that is a major problem for them. Knowing Haden, who is a smart guy, Rhodes Scholar, calculated this into his decision. I have no doubt it did, because UCLA is not known to pony up big bucks and has weak leadership when it comes to supporting its football program. I have no doubt Haden calculated that into his decision.

UCLA is already making commitments to a state of the art football facility. Here is Mora talking about it.

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