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Adam Gotsis

If we take care of our own business, it doesn't matter who we play. Our coaching staff is amongst the best in the league. I'll match them up with anybody, especially having 2 weeks to find the weakness and prepare for it.

Yesterday's stats don't mean squat right now. I don't care what our TO ratio is, because if we don't turn it over in the playoffs, it is not an issue. The coaches are working hard each practice on holding on to the ball.

We are a banged- up club right now, but should get guys back for this
last quarter run and the playoffs. Other teams can get significant injuries that drastically affect their scheme, as we have seen with the queefs.

Teams that look unbeatable in December can be beat by a hot team. Just ask the 1996 & 2012 Broncos, the 1998 Vikings, the 2007 & 2010 Pats, and the 2011 Packers, to name just a few.

Like I said, let's take care of our own business, and let the chips fall where they may.
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