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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Rausch 2.0 View Post
KC lost by 7 because of:

* SEVEN dropped passes by WR's.
* A poorly thrown pass (behind the WR) on 4th down that Den made the play on.
* Our best player on D was out.

Excuses are excuses. What happened happened.

I guess some can't even be gracious in a win...
Man, I hope you're saying this, just for the reaction.

There is no such thing as "gracious" when it comes to the Chiefs and the Broncos. You guys hate the Broncos as much as we hate the Chiefs (in fairness, our hatred is much more justified than yours). I always try to act nice on the rare occasion I post at ChefsPlanet. Yet, most of my cordiality is met by vitriol - most of it as a matter of some misguided principle.

As for the recent Chefs-Broncos games, I think you're being a little bit of a homer. I don't really see either of those games as being all that close. Sure, you can go back to each of them, and come up with a bunch of "if only" scenarios. But at the end of the day, I think you're reaching, a bit. Those two games really illustrated how far apart the two teams are.
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