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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
He doesn't have a cannon arm and he's not terribly mobile. Not remotely the athlete of guys like Luck, Wilson, or RGIII.
Oh I know he's not an athlete to the likes of Wilson and RG3. But I really don't think that's the margin for QB's. Now a guy who can't move at all, like Brady, or Manning, that's what you call a "LACK" of mobility. Foles has pretty decent wheels. Not going to run like Wilson, but then Wilson runs more like a WR or RB. Luck doesn't run like Wilson and RG3 either. He's a tad more faster then Foles but not terribly faster. I get what you're after though. He's not an elite physical talent but I wouldn't say he's got short comings in those areas and that he has to make up for it, as you would say with a Manning or Brady type of QB. And same with his arm. He's not got a rifle like Vick, that's why I changed that comment, but he can make all the throws and his ball does have good zip and a tight spiral. Again, not elite but not what you could call a lack of physical ability.
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