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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I said it leading up to the draft and I will say it now. In 5 years Foles will be the best of the class. Osweiler will be very good, but Foles will be cream of the crop. Luck's hype was too much and he will never live up to it.
I still like Luck the best of this bunch but man you're right Foles has looked good. He reminds me of Peyton Manning a little bit in that what he lacks in physical tools he seems to make up for in smarts. Kid just plays good, smart football. Mastered Kelly's offense, reads defenses, reacts to blitzes well, doesn't make bad throws and stupid plays, etc. I'm glad we played the Eagles when we did because Foles has transformed that O, and their D has improved dramatically. And unlike most teams in the league they've avoided injuries. They're a couple of DB's and maybe a big WR away from being a serious playoff contender.
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