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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
I kinda wish they would just keep scoring cause everytime they start coasting and running the clock they let the opponent back in the game
Agreed -- it kinda made sense in a way with the Chefs this year though. There was no reason to pile on and humiliate them when we were gonna face them again in their house just 2 Sundays later and could possibly see them a third time in the playoffs.

My point to Rausch, though, was that the 2 games weren't really as close as the scoreboard might suggest. It may be of some comfort to Chefs fans to say "we only lost by 7" but the fact is, it could easily have been far more. They had no answer for the Decker/Cooper mismatch and Manning could have exploited that even more than he did -- if running up the score had been the intention rather than running out the clock.
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