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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
whoops, apparently i cant read a schedule.

At Tex (win by 3), at Colts (loss), at Cards (good win), at rams (14-9), at Falcons (win by 3), and at Panthers to begin the season (12-7)

not exactly a road powerhouse.

They beat the Falcons by 23 pts. Also, considering what the Panthers are now, that's a good win on the road. Let's also not forget that they had their two starting tackles injured for a good chunk of the season. That didn't help Russel out at all.

They are healthy now, and the scary thing is that they aren't even completely healthy, they still will get Thurmond back and eventually Percy Harvin.

Even if they lose to the 49ers next week, that's not an indictment on how they are as a road team. It's a division game and this game is far more important to the 49ers than it is to the Seahawks.

The Seahawks would be the toughest match up for us in the SB, but I do think we can do it, especially on a neutral field.

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