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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by Rausch 2.0 View Post
KC lost by 7 because of:

* SEVEN dropped passes by WR's.
* A poorly thrown pass (behind the WR) on 4th down that Den made the play on.
* Our best player on D was out.

Excuses are excuses. What happened happened.

I guess some can't even be gracious in a win...
Ihr voller Scheisse

We had our 2 best CB's out and were relying on a rookie CB from about the 1st quarter on. We were missing Wolfe and Vickerson on the DL and I saw Paris Lenon in for Woody at least once, Moore is on IR. So we had multiple starters out on D at multiple levels and still managed to win on the road with a stop on D.
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