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Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
For the record, the game hasn't passed Shanny by as a coach. I think the problem is RG3, and how much of a decline he has been since last year. Shanny should have just went with Cousins this season.
Well, Griffin hasn't been terribly horrible, but yeah there's some decline. Dude has 15 TD passes against 11 INT's. He has 460 yds rushing, but zero TD's. Last year he had 7 rushing TD's for the season, and 815 yds rushing.

Last year Griffin only had 20 passing TD's, so he's not far off that mark right now.

Washington was +17 last year in turnover ratio, right now they're at -2. Griffin had 12 fumbles last year, 11 this this year. I don't know how many fumbles were lost, but I think this year more have been lost than last year.
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