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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Rausch 2.0 View Post
I appreciate the genkan etiquette but our safeties were face raped on the run and pass. Horrid.

No pass rush (and this D lives and dies by the rush) wasn't even respected. Payed-a-Ton knew he had all day to throw and used it to go deep multiple times.

Honestly, the biggest slap on the ass I can give is Del Rio allowing PM to run his game and STFU. After the 1st half 5head knew how much time he had and was feeling the game.

He knew he had time to go deep and knew who he should go after.

KC (as is their MO) didn't change their strat on D and Manning ate them alive...
All that said, they didn't do an amazing job of complimenting the run with pass. There were a few times toward the end of the game where KC's safety and all linebackers cheated toward the LOS to stop the run, and did so with tackles in the backfield. Why we weren't using play action there is beyond me.
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