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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Shanny still has it. His offense was prolific last year so there's no such thing as the game has passed him by. The real problem is he is having to coach with a 36m cap penalty which makes it hard to field a team.
Yeah, that O was very good last year. 4th in scoring, 5th in yds. But it was kind of a magical year where everything went right for them after starting 3-6.

They went 5-1 in the NFCE, all of the wins coming in their run to finish the season when they went 7-0 after starting 3-6.

I won't say "the game has passed him by", but he doesn't run a good organization. He's hit on maybe 5 good draft picks in four years, meanwhile trading away two 1st-rounders, three 2nd-rounders and a 3rd-rounder. His best trade was giving Denver Jeremy Jarmon for Jabar Gaffney.

The first thing he did was trade Jason Campbell to Oakland for a sixth, then traded two 2nds to Philly for McNabb. Then he traded a 3rd for an OT that was out of the league in a year.

And he's 24-39 at this point, with no #1 pick next year, the 31st ranked D, already given up 362 points, and 19th in the League in O scoring.

The cap penalty certainly could have hampered them, that's a lot of $$$$. If they made good acquisitions, who knows? Remember Dallas had the same cap penalty, though. And they brought it upon themselves, no other teams in the League got penalized, just those two.
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