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Kush & Irsay
Default Cheating Broncos Spike Kansas City Chief’s Gatorade with Marijuana, ‘Win’

Right off the bat it was obvious the Denver Broncos were cheating, as Chief’s ace quarterback Alex Smith threw a rarely seen touchdown on the Chiefs first drive of the game. As Peyton Manning smirked and winked at the payed off ref (more about that later) on the sidelines, the Chiefs looked puzzled and disoriented.

Once 9 – 0, until playing the Broncos in the marijuana-friendly Mile High Stadium, the Chiefs have now suspiciously lost 3 in a row and you cannot say drugs are not to blame.

Several commentators, citing KMBC 9 and other outlets via Twitter, indicate there is a Kansas City ball citing he was ‘paid off’ to look the other way while people dressed in Broncos outfits sidled up to the Gatorade supply before the game, adding some sort of chemical agent to the drink.

New Evidence A: Moreno’s Army Crawl

After dragging 6 fully grown, perfectly muscular Kansas City Chief’s #2 rated defensive players over 20 yards on his back, a clearly drug-powered Moreno continues to crawl the ground in a very meth-esque feat of superhuman strength. The only drug that can give a man power like this is marijuana, which its smoking, injecting, eating or drinking is not legal under NFL rules.

Never Evidence B: Public Emotional Outbursts of Tears

Army-crawl tweaking, dragging multiple grown men on your back and just crying for no reason: any seasoned detective would tell you those symptoms indiate you’re dealing with a man who would not buckle even before the might of a 50,000 volt taser, because he’s on the sauce. He’s been smoking the marijuana. Just look at this tearful display of emotions for no reason:

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