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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
Shanahan wasn't the one that had Adidas promoting the 1st game return. Or whining that coaches wouldn't let him on the field during preseason. If Shanahan had started Cousins then he would have lost Griffin, Dan Synder and the fan base(and their dollars).
He would of lost Griffin but Synder and the fan base would of depended on if they were winning or not. Its a tough call, one Shanny ultimately got to decide. Fans here in Redskins land think everyone sucks if they are loosing or everyone is great if they are winning. Most are Giving RG3 a pass this year blaming it on Shanny and Kyle.

They really are decent QB play away from the 2002-2008 Denver Broncos. Which appears to be Shanahan's ceiling these days.
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