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Originally Posted by Ol#7 View Post
Reports out of DC point to Shanny NOT wanting to make the trade for RGIII and basically being told to play him this year and not Cousins. He does not have the final say in DC that you all seem to think he does.

Biggest problem is RGIII lack of maturity. He was the one that forced the issue last year in the playoffs, then lets his Dad blast the coach all offseason for playing him. So if Elway was hobbled in the playoffs and trying to gut out a win (in a close game that Was was controlling) you would be fine with the backup who got no reps coming in? Really, so if Manning is struggling in the playoffs bring in Brosweiler even though the game is close? As a coach your hand is kind of forced.

Zorn left that place in a mess. Shanny has put it back together a bit, but they were always in for a tough year this year.
Shanahan not wanting to draft RGIII is a complete rumor....there are no reports.

Blaming the struggles on Zorn is also an excuse that is getting more ridiculous as time goes on. Zorn coached for 2 years and had zero say in personnel. Shanahan inherited a team that was 8-8 2 years prior, it wasn't a barren cupboard. Zorn wasn't Mcdaniels....he was just a guy in over his head as HC who was given zero roster control.

A lot of the stories now since the season is over in DC is what will the defense look like when Orakpo, Dante Hall and London Fletchers are gone. The 3 best players on the defense.....that were already here when Shanny was hired. How to fix the Safety position....a position that was filled by Laron Landry who Shanahan let walk.

Washington was such a perfect fit I thought. A solid defensive core in place a good mix of young talent and veterans on that side of the ball. The offense was just broken down. All he needed to do was come in, hire someone competent to run the D and work his magic on the offense. He mucked it up, and when you run the show the way he does, you have no one else to blame.
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