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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Rausch 2.0 View Post
KC lost by 7 because of:

* SEVEN dropped passes by WR's.
* A poorly thrown pass (behind the WR) on 4th down that Den made the play on.
* Our best player on D was out.

Excuses are excuses. What happened happened.

I guess some can't even be gracious in a win...
Serious question, Rausch -- in the 4th quarter, after we were up by 14 points, do you believe the Broncos were actively trying to score more points? 'Cause it sure looked to me like they were content to coast on a nice lead and run out the clock. I also believe that Manning and the Broncos "could have" run up the score (in the 4th quarter of both games) had that been their primary goal.

And as noted in another thread, I'd also question the wisdom of Reid choosing to expend half of the last quarter of the game on a single scoring drive when he needed 2 touchdowns to tie the score.
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