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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Shanny still has it. His offense was prolific last year so there's no such thing as the game has passed him by. The real problem is he is having to coach with a 36m cap penalty which makes it hard to field a team.
Certainly a contributing factor, but this samething was happening when he had capspace. Further, we rarely had capspace here either. I would also argue that his "offense" last year was based on the read option, which got his QB destroyed. Rg3 is no Now that his QB can't play like that his offense struggles. I guess you can call that "prolific" but obviously its not sustainable.

Over time when you get down to where the rubber meets the road, he's not winning games at a good pace anymore. And he hasn't for a long time. He's struggling to say the least.
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