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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Mountain Bronco View Post
Here is another good one:

It always comes down to one or two plays. That can change everything. Last week, for example, if Sean Smith can reach his arm up just six more inches and tip Rivers' game winning TD pass, the big story line isn't that the Chiefs secondary sucks. It's that the Chiefs defense is clutch. If Alex Smith can just complete that 4th-and-4 pass in the final two minutes, then the story line changes that Alex Smith CAN keep up with the Peyton Mannings of the world.
I'm trying to keep the big picture in mind here. The losses are frustrating but I keep coming back to the idea that if you asked me three months ago how I'd feel at 9-3, I would say pretty damn good.
It's just one play that changes everything. And I guess that's where I'm going with this. After all the losing the last few seasons, I'm content if the Chiefs can just get themselves in a position where they have the opportunity to make that one play.
Man, just six inches? If I was just six inches taller, with my boyish good looks and ability to grow a beard in less than a week, I could have been a Sears underwear model.
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