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Originally Posted by Peoples Champ View Post
I would say that is accurate. But what made broncos fans mad was the 180 you Chiefs fans did on the Mane and Chiefs fan friends i know. You went from nice turnaround from 2-14, to we are the best team in the NFL and we will smoke the broncos, our defense is as good as the 2000 Ravens. Now your back down to a nice turnaround from 2-14.
and what makes Chiefs fans mad is that all Broncos fans called it when they knew their 9-0 schedule was a product of an easy schedule. We knew that once they started playing non raider divisional games, they would slide. And that is exactly what happened. The said part is also that not only the Broncos fans called it, but all anylysts on TV, Internet and Radio called it as well. Everyone knew the 9-0 wasnt for real except for Chiefs fans.
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