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Originally Posted by spiralism View Post
Shanahan (with the help of Kubiak) changed the run game in the NFL forever, if they'd been around in the 70s they'd have hoovered up lombardis...but the NFL has changed in the last ten years. So despite the fact that he can install a kickass run offence wherever he goes and it was successful last year, it's not going to hold up in todays league so i do feel the game has passed him by. Couple that with the fact that he's completely clueless on the defensive side of the ball, the whole mishandling of RGIIIs injury fiasco, the fact that the read option has been found out and the offence will likely need to be retooled in Washington anyways and now this season, i find it hard to see him getting another job in the NFL after this year.
last year shannys run game improved because he once again hired bobby turner and his QB put up big running numbers !
shanny has never coached ANY position other than wide receiver and QB.
He is a glorified OC / QB coach.
his defenses stink
his special teams stink.
shanny, over-rated.
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