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Champ Bailey

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
That's what happens when you lose key players all over the place.

Houston is apparently coming back this week, but I doubt he's anywhere near 100%.

Still think they are just as good as the Colts and Bengals right now. Not too bad of a first year for coach Reid after taking over a 2-14 team. Need weapons on the offensive side, along with a Safety for sure.
I would say that is accurate. But what made broncos fans mad was the 180 you Chiefs fans did on the Mane and Chiefs fan friends i know. You went from nice turnaround from 2-14, to we are the best team in the NFL and we will smoke the broncos, our defense is as good as the 2000 Ravens. Now your back down to a nice turnaround from 2-14.
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