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Originally Posted by strafen View Post
Just watch some of the games last season, and in particular the two games we played against Baltimore, he got exposed, sorry, it is what it is, and I love Champ to death, he's a great Bronco player and wish him nothing but the best, but you've got to take things for what they are, and Champ is done, no question about it.
Can he still play?
Yes he can, but not at the dominat level he once did...
Both games?!? What?!?

In the regular season game against Baltimore, Champ gave up ONE meaningless reception on a ridiculous sideline catch. ONE.

Flacco had less than 100 yards going into the 4th quarter of that game. Once garbage time came along, he threw for a little over 100 yds and 2 TDs....with almost all those yards and both TDs to TE Dennis Pitta, who Champ was not covering. There are highlights of both plays online here in case you don't believe me:

Also, Champ only gave up one TD the entire regular season last year, so I'd love to know where else he got exposed other than the one playoff game, where everyone on D sucked.
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