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Champ can still help us this year. He actually did do allright in coverage yesterday in the first half, although he didn't make any pass breakups or great plays. He gave up some completions but no big plays.

More than anything his after game comments of it being a "young mans game" etc, sound to me like a confidence and conditioning issue. He did say his foot did NOT bother him. And none of us know if he was asked to go in on the late drive and he declined , or what. We certainly could have used him, but it is what it is. Klis ' "benched " comments and article are not whole cloth, but more of his tendencies to write crap and draw conclusions based on his own opinions.

If he needs time to work back into game shape by working in a steadily increasing number of snaps...ok. Then he should be ready after another 3-4 games. But it is clear that DRC is our #1, and we need him back on the field, more than Champ. If Champ can help at #2 or #3 then so be it. He will not move to safety this year.

Next year is next year, and I'm sure that the FO will tell Champ what they think after the season. I would not pay him his contract as it is. Therefore a restructure or other option is likely.

For now the goal this year is still to go to and Win the Superbowl. the coaches will put the best team out there they can.
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