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Pat Bowlen

Fitz is pretty bad on the road, but he's had to play some tough teams on the road.

3 TD's on 5 ints, 61% completion for a meager 6.4 YPP.

He's actually a very good third down quarterback this year: 38 of 63 for 601 yards, 60% completion 9.53 YPP 6 TD's against 1 int 117.2 rating....but he's taken 7 sacks. So he'll hang around to beat you, but sometimes wait too long and get hit or take a sack.

He's terrible on first down for some reason - 1 TD to 6 ints, 6.5 YPP, 51 QB rating.

He's actually coming off one of his worst games of the season. Prior to the Colts game he had two games of a QB rating of 110+.
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