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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
I dunno what the video was but Jake Plummer is a freakin Loser. Baby jay just got drafted and jake went to pieces. Elway didn't whine when tommy Maddox got drafted. Brees didn't whine when Rivers was drafted. Montana didn't cry when steve young got on the team. poor poor jake couldn't keep baby jay on the bench. Go play handball ya freakin loser
! You do realize that Cutler whined about McDaniels and not being set at 1st stringer when McD tried to get Cassel? Plummer was 7-4 when he was benched. Cutler couldn't get us to the playoffs with a 3 game lead and 3 to play. You sure have selected memory.

The video had not much to do with Plummer but a kid that is high from having his wisdom teeth being pulled. The kid probably had it removed from the embarrassing video of his actions.

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