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Rick Upchurch

Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
I don't breakdown film. I don't rewatch games. I'm not a coach from my couch. Im a fan however, i thought the measuring stick for CB'S was
Catches allowed not big plays. If I made you "hulk" mad with my comments. Well that's on you. Unless champ plays out of his mind I'll stand my "fan view". Well definitely see what the coaching staff and FO think this off season. Until then coach your just gonna have to agree to disagree
This means you have absolutely zero credibility and zero reason to even claim you know it's "time for Champ to hang it up".

You are making baseless assumptions and throwing **** opinions at the wall in hopes that you can claim you were right sometime down the line.

Champ allowed 2-3 completions through the entire game. That's pretty damn good.
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