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Originally Posted by CHEF LUIGI View Post
fellow bronco fan, fontaine,' I rtespect your opinion but your emotions are making you delusional on this one if you think CHAMP is still a viable 1 on 1 cover corner.
he has NEVER played prerss coverage, he cant hang with ANY deep threat, he cant deny ANY TE the ball on ANY typical TE route.
I thnk he could learn the free safety position, play 'centerfield' and use his savvy, ball skills, tackling ability, and years of knowledge and instincts to be an ed reed kind of contributor, but that is a move he should have made years ago!
It's not my emotions and it's not my opinions.

1. Champ didn't give up any big plays this game (there was a short TD pass to Bowe but that was called back because of a flag).

2. Champ gave up 3 or 4 small receptions most of which were inside slants where he had tight coverage, another a 15 yard pass on 3rd and 18 where he was playing off coverage and was designed not to give up the first down, he didn't and forced the chiefs to punt.

3. He was lined up in a lot on man looks on Bowe where he mostly shut him down even though Smith looked his way several times.

4. He didn't get injured or reinjure his foot (as he confirmed in post game).

5. With Champ in the game we gave up 14 points in almost three quarters and forced the chiefs to punt like 5/6 times. Once Champ was subbed, Smith picked on Webster repeatedly and the chiefs marched down the field twice in the 3rd/4th quarters.

How is any of that my opinion? And what facts have you presented?
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