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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Also, Smith looked to his right at least two/three times when KC went into punt mode and each time Champ had tight coverage on Bowe, and it forced Smith to go to his 2nd read.

Smith/KC wanted to target Champ this game but apart from 3/4 small receptions Bailey held up very well for a guy who's missed three months of football.

How about before people start putting up garbage they back it up with some facts like how many times he was targetted? How many big plays he gave up? How many snaps did he play and against which WR?

Champ has done the most important thing so far this season: Get back on the field without any physical setbacks. We've got 4 weeks for him to get his conditioning back up, get into the better shape and we roll into the playoffs with two cover corners in DRC/Champ lined up outside and Harris inside.

Which dumba$$ here wouldn't want that?

Again, seriously, take this thread and dump it in the gutter.
So now we are judging him on big plays instead of catches allowed. Hmm. My favorite player as a kid was Steve Atwater. When he went to new York you know he was fjnnished. Did I want him to be a bronco still? Of course but this is a business. And champs done. Hate to break it to ya
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