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Originally Posted by Broncos_OTM View Post
Idiot response, at least give reason why you think the way you do. Atleast the guy went on record.. which is more then I can say you did... Didn't you make some of the most retarded statements earlier this year?

Champs done. Thank you for your service.
It is my opinion that he lived on his name for years.
I remember it all started with Champ can't hang with the double move. after that he was exposed. He never did Denver favors by taking less salary to get the championship he wanted, Even after Peyton signed. Enjoy retirement

"It is my opinion that he lived on his name for years."
bingo ! QBs just looked elswhere and found paths of less resistance.
champ has been living off of reputation for at least the last 3 years.
now, he is the guy with a bulls-eye on his jersey, front and back.
he coulkd have been a tremendous safety and added 20more INTs to his resume, instead he was content to follow decoys to the bathroom every sunday and pick up his paycheck for being ignored.
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