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Originally Posted by stoxman View Post
Ok, we need to look at it this way. While I think he is pretty much done and like just about everyone would hope that he is "not quite done" we have to look at production vs. salary cap.

The amount of money we are paying him is not even close to justification for the return we get. We have way too many players to re-sign (might have to include Decker now after yesterday's game--without him we likely don't win that game). We have to use that cap money for our other needs. Champ is a "luxury" that just can't be afforded based on the return we have been getting and will get over the rest of this season--even if he comes back and plays relatively well for a few games.

Yes- Champ is probably done after this year unless he wants to make pennies on the dollar and play a much more diminshed role.

Its been great to have him all of these years, but time and age awlays catch up.
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