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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
You're kidding right blueflame? Champ has had all offseason and all this yr to get healthy. He just can't do it. There is an outside chance he could make a comeback next yr but comparing him to a young player like Von is silly.
Actually the point is that (especially at his "geriatric age" ) he just might need a little bit of time to get into "football shape" -- significantly more time than a young player like Von would need. It isn't Champ's fault that he had the misfortune to be re-injured earlier in the season. While one can say "well, he just can't get healthy" -- it's also a fact that an injury can happen on any play in the NFL and the player's age doesn't matter. What's "silly" is judging his future based on limited playing time in his first game back after injury.
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