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Andy Janovich

Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
Strange because in 4 years at Wisconsin I believe he only fumbled 2 times.
I just watched a college highlight video of Montee Ball on YouTube, and it was pretty clear that the guys trying to tackle him were almost NEVER going for the ball. They were content just to wrap him up any old way possible.

And like Marshawn Lynch today, Montee Ball in college liked to run straight in to defenders. In college he also tended to only use one hand to hold the ball.

But in the NFL, defenders are taught to go after the ball first, and I think this caught him totally off guard. Now he runs with both hands around the ball. This has changed his style of running considerably, but I think he learned today that he can still wrack up lots of yards as a human snow plow...provided he doesn't cough up the ball.
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