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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Oh yeah! congrats on beating a team with injuries all over the place!

Get the brokeback trailer park fans out in full force and keep rollin! Get the coors out and celebrate beating a hobbled team!

Sing it! waaaaaaahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!
What a JOKE, YOU complain of injuries... KC the luckiest team in the NFL so far with injuries!! You don't even compare to our injury list dude and the number of important starters we have missed all through this season.

Broncos played without Julius Thomas, our top corner DRC, Top free safety Rahim Moore, Top Defensive Tackle Vickerson, next in line DT/DE Derek Wolfe, Top Starting Center, top left tackle Ryan Clady and a whole list of other guys on IR.

Broncos whipped your fully stocked arses in Denver and whipped your nearly fully stocked team in KC minus Houston, rookie right tackle Eric, and ver late in the game you actually lost a big one in your left tackle Albert Im sorry to say.

You were already going to lose this game by the time when he, and then WR Avery went out. Fasano was a bit of a pinch for you, but not nearly so much as was Julius Thomas for us and since KC, not having that handful of players and a fair number or those only out for the last portion of this game, it wasn't even hardly a help to our team in any event and was more than offset by the loses we've had both in the first KC game and this one. Not to mention the for whole season while KC was relatively injury free during your mirage of a winning streak against 5 to 6 back up QBs.

But since we haven't had serious trouble beating KC in a couple years now, regardless of which team you have fielded, then playing your fully stocked is fine too.

So don't go crying about how many players you lost you wont get any sympathy here. Our D is at barely half strength as it is out there.

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