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OKay, I know you are smarter than this, stop and think about this for a minute.

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Honestly you guys had a lot go your way. You got the turnovers. The return. Several starters injured. Even a starter who practiced all week and got sick right before the flight. The Chiefs had the table set.
I'll try to answer these first....

We did, but turnovers are a product of teams being prepared and either a team executing or not, it's part of the game. It's just you guys were banged up more for this game. I don't consider this KC team to be deep, depth wise in year # 1 of Reid & Dorsey! But we will get there in time.

How is Wolfe ?

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Even at the end of the game, Reid used his timeouts well and you finally forced a punt. Given your situation missing players, you had more than a fair shot. It was a game you had to win too.
We did not, we had Reid! 1st thing up, we up 21 - 7, we don't pound the ball? Instead we do was Reid does, pass, even with below average WR's who can't catch the ball ? We don't milk the clock each precession and allow Manning more chances to throw darts over our secondary ( piss poor safeties ) We allow 28 straight points playing the Reid way ?

Your DC should see Manning is keying on a talented rookie Cooper ( who's problem is just coaching ) with no help from the safety ? That should of been an invitation to set Manning up for another pick. But not Sutton, his ego is, stay in the man to man defense ? So let's let the kid learn now...... OK, the division title is on the line, Sutton!

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The Chiefs are a 8-8 or 9-7 that got incredibly lucky facing basically a backup QB every week, barely winning. Now they're playing starters and they've been exposed.
You see it this way! Here's what I see, the same thing I said or have all year! We are in year # 1 of the Andy Reid offense, we were not clicking to start the year off with, nor were we going to be. I've said all along, this offense, barring major injuries will get better and will open it up more towards the end of the year. We are seeing this about the offense the last 3 games, although we didn't score well in Denver when we should have.

We sputtered in Denver, dropping many passes. We did last week vs SD, as we did today. Had we of had WR's who can catch the ball, we win the last 2 games! Even though we should have been running the ball more.

All just about anybody here said has said, stop JC, you stop KC. Well, nobody here thought much of Alex Smith, I wasn't fond of him. But I knew he had ability and could throw better than anybody gave him credit for. We just don't have WR's that can catch it consistently.

So these so called backup QB's, yadda dadda crap is a combination of many things, lack of the offense understanding the plays and timing, which comes down to execution, of which we have lacked all year. But you can see the offense jelling some now.

Exposed ? Not really. My expectations dropped a lot when we played in Denver. It was clearer how much our safeties were an issue and that Jackson and DeVito are backups in starter roles. Our attacking scheme I like but we need better players at CB,S, & DL.

All of these so called back up QB's games, would they be a close game with the KC offense playing today or last week vs SD ? Hmmm..... NO !

Our safeties suck .......... simple, we have 1 good safety with 1 on IR, a rookie who will be good one day.

We don't have the team depth ( yet ) to compete when called upon.

But KC is no fraud, they are jelling and will be a tough out in the playoffs. The blueprint is laid, we have a HC who neglects to run more than pass, he has clock management issues. We would not of won had we of scored at the end, we would have left too much time on the clock , again. Andy does not use his time out's proper, he blew it last week and blew one today as well. 4 straight passes when you have JC, Kniles Davis to run with , no Denver time outs and Manning on the sidelines ready to go was stupid!

I'm thrilled with this season after last year's debacle. But I'm really optimistic long term here. The dream of last to first was just a dream. All the SB talk was an even bigger dream.
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