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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by ROYC75 View Post
This place would have been livid had KC won.

KC coaching staff is dumb. 14 pt lead, you don't pound the rock and take it to the depleted DL with JC and Davis was just stupid. Expecting our WR's to catch the ball often enough to keep a lead when we haven't done it all year was asking too much.

Especially when you have Manning in a game where the weather was not a factor. Manning is going to get his yards against our safeties, who do not know how to help the CB's over the top.

Enjoy your win, you earned it. KC has plenty of things to work on and correct for a possible 3rd meeting. Did Denver learn enough on the things that they didn't connect on to have something else for KC or has KC seen enough to possibly correct in a cold Jan. game , of which revenge will be a motivational & driving force ?

Ask yourself that question, would you want KC a 3rd time in the cold or Indy /& or Cincy in Denver?
Its irrelevant which of those teams come to Denver this year. With a little bit of luck we should be getting healthier in the final weeks of the season and with a two week break to rest up all the starters before a two game slug fest at our house before a possible two week break before the big game.

First things first, but we know KC so well now. Even in your place you could hardly touch Manning with Barry only getting to him twice after the pass was thrown. No way you have any more success rushing him in Denver, you've tried every trick in your book and having Houston there today in KC still wouldn't have changed a thing! You guys have 2 sacks in the last what 6 games .. or is it 4 games .. whatever ... you've lost your mojo and both Denver and SD has shown the NFL world that?

KC is certainly improved over previous years without question, but that 9-0 streak was at least three games more wins from shear luck of schedule and back up QBs than the reality of your team accurately reflects.

KC is still likely two years away from a really competitive team and by then a good number of your expensive first round picks after so many decrepit seasons past will be moving on to greener pastures! You wont be able to afford all the talent you have now.

Anyway, in the here and now this season we'd be more than happy playing KC another time at Mile High. You definitely wont benefit from the big home crowd and the absolutely must win atmosphere of Arrowhead to get that early jump on us, courtesy of not only a very good early drive by your team but two gifts in the form of an uncharacteristic screw-ball kick off return coverage allowing a record 108 yard kick return for 7 when at least 5 Broncos should have tackled the kick returner well on KCs side of the 50, plus the Manning flutter ball INT on our 20 setting up an easy score.

That was about it for you guys, until the last gasp and well executed TD drive to make it mildly more interesting at the end,but there was still little danger of Denver blowing this game.

Broncos had your number all the second half and had you happened to have scored on that last Chiefs drive Denver would have marched down for a winning FG if not a TD to run out the clock, the way our Offense was pushing your D around from mid way through the 2nd quarter onward.

KC has reason to be happy, but you really didn't imagine your team was really going to jump from 2-14 to World Champs did you? This league is rarely so forgiving and accommodating to fairy tale stories, it typically takes a few years of hard knocks climbing the ladder and a couple bitter loses in the playoffs to season a team to go all the way. So get in line and continue paying your dues and maybe one day KC will make it back to the SB before the sun goes Nova!

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