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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Oh yeah! congrats on beating a team with injuries all over the place!

Get the brokeback trailer park fans out in full force and keep rollin! Get the coors out and celebrate beating a hobbled team!

Sing it! waaaaaaahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Get the waaaaaaambulance.

We're more banged up than yous, we're down an all pro LT, our best CB, down both starting safeties and our pro bowl TE and that's just off the top of my head.

Take your medicine. It was all talk when yous beat up on the easiest schedule in the NFL and FIVE backup QBs.

We said the defence KC fans were touting as the best since the 2000 Ravens would come back to earth once it faced real QBs - it did. What an insult to Ray Lewis and co, i'm sure if any of them heard that speculation they laughed their asses off.
We said Smith wouldnt be able to hang with the big boys - he's not been able to.
We said that playing football from 1970 wouldn't work against elite offences in today's NFL - it's not shown it can.
We said that Cooper would be brought back down to earth when the opponent's QB is better than college standard and we were right. Manning humiliated him.
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