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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Gutless Drunk View Post
Do you really think this is effective or is it just old-school neanderthal football culture? I guess it's not a black & white deal, but I think it was a bad idea last game.
I think you can also hurt the team by taking your talent off the field. I'm not certain they gain anything by benching- nobody wants to fumble. If it's Ridley and he has fumbled 4 games in a row I can see it. But this one fumble and you banished stuff is kind of extreme.

FWIW, Tom Nalen agrees -

As far as what went wrong for the Broncos, Nalen said they were running the ball well and towards the end of the game when Knowshon Moreno was starting to wear down they should have played Montee Ball more.

Ball looked like the best back out there. He had the most explosive burst in his running game and looked like he was very confident, Nalen said. By sitting him on the sidelines because he fumbled I think it hurt the team a little bit and maybe hurt his confidence.
I'm glad to see this thread on the OM. I agree 100%. Ball is going to be a better RB than Moreno once he gets the bulk of the work. I don't like the platoon system; it doesn't give a RB much of chance to get into a groove but they did run to many plays to Moreno in the 4th Q. Ball seems to come in on obvious running situations and still shows better speed and power between the tackles than Moreno. If he got more carries Im convinced hed produce more yards on the ground. Hes also caught more balls out of backfield lately and proved his capable there too. He just needs more playing time to learn the blocking schemes and hell be a great back for us.
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