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Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
What are seizure like symptoms? I am pretty sure you either have a seizure or you don't. There, as it appears to me, seems like there is little wiggle room between having one and not having one.
Your right you do or you don't, however, to really be diagnosed with seizures you have to have lots of them or like have one while on EEG monitoring at the hospital. So really all they can definitively say is "seizure like symptoms" since he has not had anymore at the hospital i'm assuming, and his diagnostic EEG looked clear.

I guess you can get some pseudo seizure symptoms from some complex migraines, but it's not really a seizure.

However, in Wolf's case i'm guessing he really did have a seizure, yet he does not have a seizure disorder (good sign). He had one because of the food poisoning, his 20lb weight loss is mostly all water and electrolytes. So if your body looses to much sodium or what-not it lowers your seizure threshold (meaning you bodies cells are not happy and not working properly, so you seize up)

So he shows up at ER, they give him some IV fluids, which fixes his dehydration problem. They rule out a real Seizure disorder with the EEG. He will be fine, but won't be playing today. Next week though should be ready to go.
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