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Originally Posted by redrage View Post
Downslide? You mean their first loss? Overstate things much?

Yes last week was rough, but they were going just fine until their two most important players went down on defense. And still should have won, IMO if Ried had managed the clock a little better towards the end.

Some teams can withstand that, but not a team just off a 2-14 season. Their depth just isn't good enough yet. With Hali limited, I don't see much of a change this week.

Thats the thing. If Chiefs fans would have focused on the turnaround from 2-14 that would have been fine. But they were all on the OMane cockey as heck and were saying their defense was going to destroy the washed up manning and that they were as good as the 2000 ravens. Now they are back to saying well it was a great turnaround, they did a total 180. Thats why Broncos fans earn the right to call them out.
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