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Originally Posted by Peoples Champ View Post
Broncos sparked the Chiefs downslide. Ever since then they have all dissapeared. It was funny how cocky they were when they were 9-0 though, and now they are proud that they can hang with the broncos. They did a total 180. It was hilarious hearing them say the pass rush was going to destroy Manning in the cold weather, and they got 0 sack and 0 knockdowns, and gave up 27 pts when they were 100% healthy and broncos were banged up.
Downslide? You mean their first loss? Overstate things much?

Yes last week was rough, but they were going just fine until their two most important players went down on defense. And still should have won, IMO if Ried had managed the clock a little better towards the end.

Some teams can withstand that, but not a team just off a 2-14 season. Their depth just isn't good enough yet. With Hali limited, I don't see much of a change this week.
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