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Trevor Penrose
Default Number 1 Offense vs the Number 17 D Sunday.

2 Weeks ago it was the #1 offense vs the #3 D

All of a sudden kFc has slid down to the 17th overall D and they are without their best player.

kFc is 15th vs the Pass:

kFc is 20th vs the run:

We are coming off a game where KM had 224 yards on the ground. I see another big day this week on the road.

Denver still sucks vs the pass down to 27th overall but we get Champ back and DRC looks to be able to go.

The big stat here (other than #1 overall offense) is that Denver is 5th vs the run. Charles had his best game of the year vs a bad Charges D. We shut him down at the goal line and held him to only 1 big run and under 80 yards rushing.

On D the big questions for Denver are:
Can Bono 3.0 throw on Champ and DRC?
Can DRC tackle with that sore shoulder, can he also bump and get his arm up to contest balls?
Will Bono 3.0 have time to throw this time around? Fisher has been limited every day this week, he is still not 100% and if they continue to double and triple Miller will Sly be able to make up for the loss of Vickerson. Phillips will need to play well to make up for the loss of Wolfe who had some bad Turkey.

Offensively Denver has the #1 overall O, kFc is 22nd overall.

Denver has the #1 overall Passing attack, kFc is 26th passing.

Denver is #12 rush O, with kFc falling to #13.

I don't see the crowd being enough of a factor to help a team that has a middle of the road D without their best player vs the #1 Offense in the NFL. What kFc needs to win this one at home is lots of turnovers and the D to score at least 21. There was a big emphasis this week on ball security I just do not see Denver coming out and putting the ball into kFc's hands, maybe Holliday does something stupid but I think the O will protect the ball.

Reid has built a team that plays basic smart football based on short positive yardage plays on O that keep long drives alive and they play smart physical defensive for the 1st few seconds of each play. They do not have the talent to do much more that that on either side of the football. Avery would be a #3 slot WR on most teams, Bowe is only good for about 5 catches and 30-40 yards. With Champ back I don't see Alice being as successful as he was last time in their 10 point loss.

If Manning has more time and confidence in his pass pro this time around with Houston out he will torch their weak secondary. Plus it seems that his ankles are slowly improving and he should be able to be more mobile and get more on his throws this week. After last week's melt down I think Manning is going to want to come out and put this one out of reach and keep it out of reach.

It will be nice to have Fox and his excellent half time adjustments back next week, until then I think we put up 38 easy, send the mullets home before the end of the 3rd quarter and put the division on ice after this week. Really it just comes down to the Broncos protecting the football and not turning it over.
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