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Blurring reality stokes fears, raises ratings
Media conservatives have reported on a surge in anti-white violence by black perpetrators dubbed the 'knockout game.' Fact is, it's a myth.

If you liked "wilding," you're gonna love the "knockout game."

I have just become aware, thanks to Fox News and an author who publishes under the conspiracy-minded World Net Daily imprint, that roving gangs of black adolescents are marauding through our streets, randomly attacking innocent white victims in a racist ritual known as the "knockout game."

The motive is mischief, not robbery. These impeccable sources also claim the mainstream media, in a woeful act of political correctness, refuse to report the racial nature of this crime wave.

The country is in denial, said Colin Flaherty, author of "White Girl Bleed A Lot," a crime compendium that has become a favorite of conservative voices who stoke racial animus for fun and ratings.
There is no consensus among law enforcement that the "knockout game" is even a thing. "If ever there was an urban myth, this was it," a Jersey City police spokesman told the New York Times last week.

But that has not stopped a Republican New York assemblyman from proposing a "Knockout Assault Deterrent Act," requiring teens to be tried as adults with prison terms of up to 25 years. That, friends, is how you institutionalize racism.,7313576.story
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