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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
I was watching the Chiefs/Chargers game, and I really liked how Simms was breaking down the plays. He was pointing out stuff that I didn't know, stuff that a person who played on that level would know, but the general public wouldn't have.

Another point, it seems like fans want the announcer to say nice things about their team. I don't think that's the announcers job. I've never gotten the sense that any of these announcers go out of their way to say bad things about the Broncos. I've never gotten the feeling that any of these announcers went out of their way to say good things about the Broncos.

I wouldn't be surprised if fans from other teams were saying the same exact thing.
Yeah, honestly Simms and Colinsworth might be my favorite broadcasters. Maybe the fact that I like their insight in non-Bronco games makes me miss this bias that Bronco fans complain about. But even in our games I like when we have Simms or Colinsworth. To me it seemed like Colinsworth was talking up the Chiefs out of sympathy or to make the game seem interesting when it wasn't. And Simms is always pointing things out that help the average fan learn more about the game.

Deirdorf on the other hand, is an idiot. In fact if you type Dan Dierdorf on Google the 2nd or 3rd auto-fill is "Dan Dierdorf is an idiot," lol. And Gus Johnson is kind of a joke but also one of my favorites. As the Red Zone guy says, when he is announcing the game is never over. Bronco fans of all people should know this and love him for the Stokely and the Elam. "HOLY TOLEDO!!"
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