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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by ROYC75 View Post
Aside of Bill Belichick & RAC stopping Peyton often, why hasn't more teams done this more in Peytons twilight years ? We know Peyton is quick to read and release the ball, so again, since he is in the twilight of his years, we know the arm strength and accuracy is slipping, why not give him time to throw, time to throw more mistakes ?

Why not give him a true 3-4-4 to look at or a 3-4-2-2 with just 2 LB's in each package? Why not rotate our front 3 each chance we get, as often as it takes for them to give everything they have on each play. We stay in a dime package and make them beat us more on the ground. In the 3-4-2-2, we can switch the corners and safeties around each time he goes to audible. Give him a change of scenery just before the snap each time, make him think more as we are busting the WR's at the LOS, allowing the pass rush to get more coverage sacks, he is not going to take off running on us. Our 2 LB's have to stay home on the run and watch the short over the middle routes with our 2 up safeties.

I may of missed this before, but I do not recall it ever being used very much anymore ?

True, Peyton has seen it all, but he is not the young Peyton to make all the tight window throws. Make him force those! Make him go more run, force the team to beat someone on the ground, non-conventional Peyton Manning style.

What am I missing here?
Your missing that despite struggling it took a backup who was inactive for weeks on end to get pushed off balance and not be able to avoid running into a punt for Denver to lose that game.

Plus there were a ton of drops by DT and Welker.

So if you do your Dime package you need to pray that the WR's drop those balls that Manning tries fitting into the window.

Even with his poor yardage totals he still had more TD's than INT's and if he got the ball back on that punt we may have won that one, or at least tied.

I think kFc is going to be forced to blitz a lot Sunday. Hoping our OL is up for the challenge and give Manning time to burn scrubs like Smith, Cooper, Flowers, and Demps.
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